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Eligibility criteria of membership

IFPTOHE, like other WCPT subgroups, is made up of Member Organisations. A member organisation can be either:

(i) the official national occupational health and ergonomics subgroup of a country that is a Member organisation of WCPT (eg Occupational Health Physiotherapy Australia is the national occupational health organisation of the Australian Physiotherapy Association which is a member of WCPT)

(ii) if the member organisation of WCPT does not have an official occupational health and ergonomics subgroup then the member organisation itself can become a member of IFPTOHE (for example Kenya)

In either case the organisation wishing to become a Member Organisation of IFPTOHE has to write a formal and signed letter of support on official letterhead from their association to become a member of IFPTOHE.


We can supply templates for the letter on request.

Membership fee: Membership for this subgroup is free. 

See our printable infographic on how to join and the benefits of becoming a member.

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